Shinpachi Shimura (Pachie - Yoshiwara Arc) - Gintama




Almost forgot to add this. Being done as part of a Yoshiwara arc group with Hitachiin as Tsukuyo and Yuka as Kagura. I think this is my...third version of Shinpachi now...oh dear XD; well, at least those wig and glasses are getting a lot of use haha


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Progress Journal

7th March 2009

Pachie-tail, even XD Not much progress to show for Pachie yet (and Minami is only 3 weeks away...urrk, at least it's not a complicated costume) but I tested out his wig at least XD and it seems like it works fine. I was worried about the wefts showing but it seems to work alright, easy enough to cover even if it does show. Still need to sort out the back of the wig though...such a's developed something I now call 'spider legs' D= hoping some hot water will fix it.