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Cosplayer: Ros3ify

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

8th February 2013: Contact lenses Try :) They are really amazing :D my eyes look really huge haha.
They are from Pinky Paradise and are called G&G King Size Blue

G&G King Size Circle Blue Lenses, bought from Pinky Paradise

So I got some new lenses and thought hey let's try them on. And WOW! my eyes look sooo big. The colour is so vibrant. Hmmm they are relatively comfortable. :)

My natural eye colour: Brown
Colour: 5/5
So overall 4.5/5 Stars

28th January 2013: Wig try on :) So I tried my wig on I bought a different pony tail however there is a little problem with it as its not on a grab clip just a slide so i think i will need to buy a grab clippy thing

27th January 2013: Disaster! The bells are incredibly noisey so I had to take them off :(

5th January 2013: YAY! Sooo! my costume is really coming together hehe ^^ ive got the wig :3

2nd December 2012: Choosing Wig So i needed two parts a wig and the pony tail haha :D

28th November 2012: Fox Ears! And Tail! After deciding my costume I chose the colour of my fox ears and tail which are white and grey fluffy ones ^^ Eeeep! so cute <3

and a nice tail to go with it with same colours yay! :P

So most things are getting sorted :)

28th November 2012: Cosplay Im using this costume as the costume for my character. I have no idea where its from if anyone knows feel free I thought it could be some art work something. but mine will be with fox ears and tail.

i love this costume. So i've decided to wear this one for the character I think it matches up so well and has the look im trying to go for <3

27th November 2012: Chiyo I have always wanted to make my own character. And finally I have. The character is called Chiyo (picture isnt chiyo but just a random fox photo she is alot different)

So a little a bit about her is Chiyo is a mysterious character who lives in the shrine protected by the person who had found her in the winters snow which was Old man Grandpa. He believed Chiyo had been left there by god, which he felt a duty to protect, although he knew people would fear her. He named her Chiyo which mean eternal, and a thousand sparkles.

Since the people at the time believed she was half demon and half human, due to folk legend that had been told over many thousands of years. That a man and beautiful woman which was in fact a half demon had fallen in love in one nights winter snow, although it was forbidden. They had a child together, but sadly their happiness was cut short when they were both executed by their own kind. No one new if the child lived or how many more half demons were at that time, but that's how the half demons began.

Since people didn't know much about them they were scared of half demons, and avoided contact with them.

Chiyo never leaving the shrine had never known anyone but the people who lived in the shrine and occasionally one or two other people until....

AngelBless avatar

AngelBless - 28th January 2013
Howdy! I dunno if you're still after where the character's from, but I just found it! :D Seems she's part of a 2 OC set of fire and ice. It's such a gorgeous design, I can't wait to see you cosplay her!

Ros3ify avatar

Ros3ify - 1st February 2013
YES! thank you soo much I tried to find it so I could credit it :)

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 5th February 2013
Looks totally Gorgeous!! I look forward to seeing this at Midlands. :)

Ros3ify avatar

Ros3ify - 6th February 2013
ahh thank you so much i cant wait to see your performance :D

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 7th February 2013
Hopefully shall be fun to watch. There are some surprises, and hopefully the audience will join in if it goes to plan. :D :D You'll have to wait and see.

Fizzykat avatar

Fizzykat - 10th February 2013
you look so cute and pretty!!! x

Ros3ify avatar

Ros3ify - 12th February 2013
Ahh Thank you <3 :D

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 23rd February 2013
Sooo cute, I love it!

KuKu avatar

KuKu - 23rd February 2013
You look adorable! <3

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 24th February 2013
Cuuuuuute! ^_^

SilentDragonfly avatar

SilentDragonfly - 25th February 2013
Really cute =)