Aradia (Dead Version) - Homestuck - MS Paint Adventures.

In Progress




Humanstuck version is done. Troll version isn't.

• Horns (shaped like rams~! I've made mine out of white foam. A very labouring process which took eight hours for the two of them)
• Armsocks (I've made some but they are yet to be completed, really. They're too dark grey, I'll have to paint them all over again. It was annoying enough to do once. I might invest in a pair of suitable light grey tights instead).
• Aries-symbol T-Shirt.
• Skirt (equipped with multiple holes. It's a little bit too brown, but it'll do).
• Canvas shoes in black.
• Black curly wig (honestly this thing is a nightmare. I might buy a new one).


AkujiDelano posted on 27 November, 2012 - 18:36
I really like how you did the skirt ;v; The Humanstuck looks good at the moment, it'll be even cooler when you get all grey'd up. Are you going to do anything like put white mesh lenses in to give her blank eyes? ouo

DestinyShiva posted on 29 November, 2012 - 00:58
(Ah, finally I can reply!) Thank you very much! I just posted some pictures of me with my face paint on. I still need to fix my horns onto my wig, but I'm not terribly sure how that'll work (I'd rather do it without the hairband, but I don't want to ruin the horns since I spent eight hours filing them down from huge foam chunks). I'm not very good with eye contacts and I need glasses anyway, but I'll have a look-see if I can get any good ones. For shoots I think I would usually just edit it. But for cons, I would love to give it that little bit more of an edge. Cheers for commenting so much!