Sn0wman (3AM Dress) - Homestuck - MS Paint Adventures.




• Floppy Hat (you guys have NO IDEA how much trouble it was to find a hat that was perfect for Sn0wman, jesus christ. Eventually I bought one from Claires accessories for £8 *it was on offer*.)
• Black gloves - £4.
• Heeled shoes (which I salvaged after years of owning them and never using them, hooray).
• Black leggings (not pictured because I was an idiot and didn't wear them when we took photos).
• Black cardigan (also pre-owned by me. This is just for when it's cold. Also it hides my bra straps, hooray).
• 3AM Dress (made by myself from scratch, hooray. I shan't try figure out how much this cost. Needless to say, too much).
• Short black wig -

One of my other favourite cosplays, mainly because almost all of the major components are heavily modified or made from scratch. Thankfully my 3AM dress doubles up for Ms Paint and Jade (Homestuck) too.

Only managed to wear this for about three hours at the expo, because I was sick on the day. Oh woe is me.


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