America / Alfred F. Jones ((Regular Uniform)) - Hetalia Axis Powers




Doesn't look like it, but this was probably my cheapest cosplay to date.

• (Fake) Leather Jacket - 50p (I worked at a charity shop at the time. The owner said I could have it for whatever I had in my purse, which happened to only be 50p. The fur around the top is an old scarf, and on the back is a '50' made out of white felt, stitched in).
• Uniform - £9 (bought at a military stand in a market. They're pretty big and they're men's, but that doesn't matter. Might take them in a little bit at the top, the waist is far too large for me).
• Boots - about £12 (broken, will have to find new ones).
• Silver tie (nicked from my stepdad's cupboard, woops).
• Shirt (my brother's old school one. It's cut around the waist, so I don't get too hot with all these layers).
• Sports bra - £4 (to bring my chest in, since I'm a DD. Not really effective enough. I'll have to find an alternative).
• Wig - about £15 (was long, I cut it down myself).
• Leather Gloves (stolen from my mum).

I have two favourite characters of all time, Alfred F. Jones and Arthur Kirkland (both from Hetalia). I don't suit Arthur's body type (because I am tall, buxom with hips) so Alfred was the obvious choice.

Probably my favourite cosplay to date, and my first serious one.


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