Asami Sato
Avatar: Legend of Korra

Cosplayer: Masahara

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

BladeyCakes avatar

BladeyCakes - 3rd December 2012
Ohohoh, Tahno would like to give YOU private lessons- /shot xD

yuubalu avatar

yuubalu - 3rd December 2012
*came here to stalk, spat out drink instead /dead*

Even if Tako isn't actually going to be an official pairing in our group, can they please just be super cheesy chat-up line bros? Mako needs this in his life x'D <3

yuubalu avatar

yuubalu - 6th November 2013
You were such a good Asami, I can't even. Perfect, beautiful lady <3 Mako would/has ;D

nobutseriously, you looked stunning and I will never stop thinking so~

Masahara avatar

Masahara - 6th November 2013
djdjnvsjnd such flattery ;__; I can't handle <3 and you made a magnificent Mako, like amazing!