Ms Paint (3AM Dress) - Homestuck - MS Paint Adventures.




• Wig
• White Gloves
• 3AM dress
• Bandana
• Red shoes (any colour, really. I just thought red would be most colourful~).

I chose to make this costume because I felt that Ms Paint was often under-appreciated/under-used as a Homestuck cosplay. Not to mention that I was going to use the 3AM dress for other characters from Homestuck too (Jade/Sn0wman).

The bandana is made from two different materials hand-stitched together. The 3AM dress itself was designed and made by me, consisting of two layers of material (black + black, sparkly mesh *note, difficult to see in pictures, but trust me. It is COVERED in sparkles*) and then additional bias binding.

Worn for:
• MCM London Expo - October 2012.


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