Drake!Lara (Lara Croft in Nathan Drake's Clothes) - Tomb Raider/Uncharted


I've actually had this idea for ages, to combine Nathan Drake's outfit from Uncharted 3 to Lara's Legend outfit. We decided last week to cosplay ALL THE NATES AND LARAS to Hyper Japan for fun, We had a Femme!drake, a lara, an indy and more drakes :O Everyone did an amazing job, you're all stunners! <3

I made the belt buckle from fimo and painted it with acrylics, holsters are trusty old leather clips, leather-look material and SUPERGLUE. (I swear this stuff holds my life together) also got these cute little buttons on the front with a kinda coat of arms on them, I just pretend they're the Croft family crest or something haha. Then tea staining to the clothes with a bitta' acrylic too. I'm pleased with the outcome, particularly because I had to cram this in two days! it was fun re-designing Lara's holsters inspired by Nate's shoulder holster, it was interesting to firstly figure out how Nate would be as a female and then also mix that with Lara's personality too. :) I HOPE I pulled it off okay o.O

I'd like to do a Femme!Drake one day, and I WOULD NOT do it with shorts. :P

FuriePhoenix posted on 25 November, 2012 - 19:26
you look amazing!!

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