Sorcha the Phoenix of Light - Original Character


London MCM Expo May 2012

Judges Prize May Expo 2012




Definitely my biggest cosplay to date. Sorcha is also easily my favourite so far.

There's a lot of general fursuit building stuff with her which I'm fairly pleased with. I feel digitigrade padding came out well, I think it's as drastic as I can easily make it. I quite like her head too. The eyes were a balancing act between making them match my drawing style which uses big shaded eyes without pupils and not having them come across as too creepy and dead looking in real life. The beak was cast, which turned out to be harder than anticipated and was consequently also sanded quite a lot.

The biggest personal victory was ordering fur from America. Turns out customs love me, but hey I got red and orange fur out of it.

The wings are my biggest accomplishment though. I had a cartoony style which was not going to work with real feathers so I didn't even try. The long plumes are all made of funky foam and were all hand painted with gradients and detailing. It doesn't show much, but up close there are lines painted to mimic real feathers and lift them from being to monotone. The big wings I had at Expo have a nearly two meter wing span, although I folded them in slightly so that I could get through crowds. Best of all are the fibre optics threaded through the yellow and red fur. I hadn't seen anyone else do it, but the prospect of lots of little twinkles in my wings was too good not to try. There are bright white twinkles on the front of the wings and pink twinkles on the back.

I also have smaller wings for cons which aren't so happy with the idea of two metre wingspans. They are slightly less detailed, the big ones are the ones for show.

I also made a small fireball prop for use on stage. It is basically a load of LEDs and painted organza hot glued to a battery. It is also insanely pretty considering how easy it was to put together.


HazelFerret posted on 23 February, 2013 - 09:22
That is so awesome :D I just want to hug it X3