Yuan Ka-Fai (Technically both the original and DotNW) - Tales of Symphonia




I did not make Yuan's outfit from the original game. I couldn't work out how to do the armour part so I bought it. And it's wrong and doesn't fit quite right, which annoys me to no end so I will be attempting to alter it when my skill level improves.

I'm in love with the cape though.

The first version of this I cosplayed, the DotNW version is also inaccurate - because I hadn't got the main outfit in time for the con so I used one of my coats and bought some white jeggings to go with it.

I've had two Yuan wigs. The first didn't have a long enough front part for Yuan's side fringe. I had planned to attempt to take some hair from further back and feather that to make it right, but I got a longer wig that was much closer to the right colour on sale, so I'm keeping the first as a spare and plan to cut and style my 100cm new one.

My amazing friend made me the Swallow.

Basically, I chose Yuan because he's such an awesome and under-appreciated character. The first time I saw his design, it had most of what I love in a cosplay - unusual hair and a cape.

Wearing it wasn't as good as my dream. While the DotNW version was comfortable, the bought cosplay was a bit tight around my waist with the trousers and not the most comfortable and I really should have made the time to cut that wig because it tangled like crazy! And my cape broke...

But all in all, I had a great time in it on the first day - and most of the second. My lovely Mithos was great fun.


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