Human Necromancer (Cultural Armour Tier 2: Aristocrat) - Guild Wars 2

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Race: Human
Class: Necromancer
Armour: Tier 3 Cultural: Aristocrat
Weapons: Duel Daggers

Background: Tier 3 cultural Armour or Aristocrat armour worn by level 60+ Human Characters only. The bodice is very detailed however not built like a corset. It is a light Armour worn only by Necromancers Elementalists and Mesmers and materials consist of fabrics with some elements of hard plate mostly in the pouldrens headgear and boots. My main character is an Elementalist Human however i have chosen Necromancer as the colour choices suit that profession more. Only elementalists and Necromancers are Duel Dagger Weilding this is another reason i have chosen the profession i have I've never had anything but staffs for props before so it will make a change and a new challenge.

Aims: To Make the cosplay as accurate as possible Putting in as much detail as i can see in my references. I want this to be the best i can make it, making sure i finish every detail i can properly rather than looking for shortcuts. This will hopefully include lining the Jacket, Bodice and skirt. I also want to make it as if it was in the Game so Fabrics where there is fabrics hard materials where there is hard materials. If its a shiney fabric i will use a shiney fabric tht mimmics that whether it be satin or silk. If its a strong heavy fabric using a strong heavy cotton.

It will be a challenge but i'm ready to take it on!


otakugirl posted on 28 November, 2012 - 18:35
Cant wait to see this, its gonna be amazing :D

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Progress Journal

New screenshots, new methods. (Posted 23rd January 2013)

I finally managed to buy the armour in game, my biggest issue is, theres a fair few differences to the images i have, and the ones i have taken, i can also now see close up detail, this is a good thing, but im a perfectionist so now i know its there ill spend hours trying to make sure i include it. I am not sure if i will be sticking to my original idea/method or not now, whether i will be changing my weapon choice or sticking to it, i do not know. but i have plenty of time still and the first thing is to make sure the main outfit is sewn and the details, and get that hat and masks done!.

Pantones (Posted 28th November 2012)

It's not often people talk about Pantones, designers use them to make sure they get the colour they want when things print. but im using them to make sure i get the right colour fabric rather than my normal "thats close enough" even when its 6 shades out. I'm going to print of squares (my pantones) and match them up when i go fabric shopping =)

Pantone codes:
Wasabi Green: 371C
Iron Grey: 432C
Olive Green: 362C

Earrings (Posted 27th November 2012)

Today i made a discovery my character has earrings! This is very odd as most characters when you cosplay don't have earrings. Usually i would just buy the closest thing i can find and be done with it but this time im putting as much effort i can into it and detail so i am making these earrings myself.

Unfortunatly in all my reference images there is only pixels where they are meant to be and there is no art work for the armour either so im going on what i know from the game lore to make these.

In game you make jewelry from a precious stone, and a mineral which you turn into filigrees hooks and settings to construct your earring so i shall be doing the same, buying hooks, filigrees settings and a stone (or something that looks similar in colour and texture) to construct my earrings for her.

Ready Steady GO! (Posted 25th November 2012)

Started on this today with research, and drawings.