Catwoman - Batman: The Animated Series





This has always been my favoured version of Catwoman, probably just because i grew up watching this cartoon; it was legendary!
I've noticed this is one of the least cosplayed versions of her though, I can see why people prefer some of the more recent cooler and sexier designs, they certainly suit her character more but I find this one is more unique (and more simple haha)
Bruce Timm originally wanted this outfit to be all black, but the dark nature of the whole cartoon meant she stood out more in grey. I'm guessing the same obviously went for Batman, and they ended up matching!


Manticore posted on 15 December, 2012 - 15:41
Awww Yeah honey!

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21st January 2013

The cat is on the loose...

Really excited to wear this costume, I really can't wait until Its finished already! I'm a lucky girl and having the main bodysuit done for me by Ryan at Frontier Costuming (It helps that Ryan is my boyfriend lol) I've seen the printed suit and it's looking good ^_^ He got inspired from the Arkham city game and went for a pattern on the grey, so it would look less flat and more impressive, especially close up!
I've been working on the mask myself, and will hopefully make some gloves and boot covers too, so i'm not getting away with doing nothing lol