Hakuren Oak RETIRED
07 Ghost

Cosplayer: InfiniteJester

Variant: Novice robes

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

10th October 2013: COMPLETE Spent the morning making the novice crest to attach onto the cape (has been folded over the top as in the design and attached via press studs.) Outfit is now complete and will do a full costume test in a few days time.

27th September 2013: Progress Cape is almost done now aside from some more of the ribbon detailing and fastenings! The whole costume needs a good iron so excuse the creasing on this photo - just wanted to show how the overall shape is now in the final stages. Actually shocked how well making this cape went as I thought for sure it was going to be a disaster.

24th September 2013: Cape progress Robes are as done as I can make them for now - navy material on cuffs have been added and everything is hemmed. I messed up a little on making the collar not high enough but luckily the cape will cover it and I intend to wear another top underneath to conceal if I do take off the cape. Just need to get the ribbon loops and then can do the back lacing. Started the cape today which went surprisingly well - basic shape and collar are sewn up, just need to hem the bottom and add a concealed zip to fasten.

13th September 2013: robes progress The basic shapes for the robes is complete - still need to finish hemming and add in the slits but then it's just detailing to be added!

11th September 2013: More progress I've been pretty ill so fallen behind a little. Managed to sew a bit more today though - sleeves are now set in and the back panel is sewn in too. Needs some neatening up though which I'll sort once the front panel is in.

5th September 2013: IT BEGINS Cut out the fabric yesterday and started sewing today. First time actually managing to set in zips on the machine and not screwing it up :O Side panels are currently sewn and the zips are on the front panel - doesn't sound like much but they were all the tricky parts and the rest should go smoother now. Wig test here in the photo.

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Neverforever - 20th November 2012
Ah cant wait to see this ^^ youll totaly suite Hakuren

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InfiniteJester - 20th November 2012
drfnrfrogrf thanks so much hunni!

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Om_nom_nom - 29th November 2012

ZOMBIEfurby avatar

ZOMBIEfurby - 29th November 2012
aawww yeah can't wait to do this group with you <3

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InfiniteJester - 29th November 2012
Ah, thank you guys! So looking forward to this group!

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ToroSonyCat - 13th October 2013
Looks really great!

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InfiniteJester - 14th October 2013
Thank you so much! :)