Sailor Moon

Cosplayer: Chimmy

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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Koiice - 18th April 2013
I've just read what you mean by mini quad and I would be seriously careful... if you are actually taping your legs up... wear knee pads so you don't chip the bones in your knee and I could make a flap or something so you can actually stand up to walk. Don't forget to have a dedicated spotter (preferably with a big gob) as people at expos tend to not care or move out the way for quads, and since you're going to be lower than usual... it's a little worrying. I also wouldn't want you to damage your outfit.. O_O

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Koiice - 18th April 2013
*would not could xD

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Chimmy - 18th April 2013
Dont worry, thought of that already c: I'm hoping to buy knee pads soon along with the other parts needed for the cosplay. Before wearing her to MCM Manchester I'm wearing her to MCM London for only a few hours just to see how I survive in her as this is gonna be completley different kettle of fish. For London I have a friend with me all the time and if needs be I can persuade my dad to come along with me (yayy being young and having parents come with you XD). For Manchester I'm allways gonna be with someone as I'm either with my cousin or a massive sailor moon group so I should be fine with them ^_^

As I said I'm taking her for a test run in London so I can see how comfortabe she is for long periods of time ect...

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Lady-Aira - 29th June 2013
We'll look after you hun -^^-not long now!!!! Exciting! :D

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Raye-chan - 27th September 2013
^_^ Yay I love Luna - Sailor Moon is my fav anime of all time!