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Well, there's a Pokemon group being planned for Minami and it seems I've been roped into being Ash XD As annoying as I always found him (I was always a Team Rocket fan myself lol) I don't mind doing it for the sake of cosplaying from a beloved childhood series haha


AmethystEyes posted on 25 March, 2009 - 14:11
This looks really good so far, I especially like the handmade pokeballs!

Progress Journal

7th March 2009

To train them is my cause...

...which will be made a lot easier by having some pokeballs and a pokedex! XD These aren't all for me however, one is for Misty (Yuka) and one is for Gary (hitachiin). However, the pokedex is all mine~ (well...after paying hitachiin to order it off ebay for me...but still XD;;) I was gutted when I realised my own pokedex from my childhood had descreatly done the journey at some point and got thrown out >: Seems my new one belonged to someone called 'Georg' and it was stuck in a time warp thinking it was still the 80's lol some button mashing later and I soon sorted that out...why was this thing easier to work when I was younger? (apart from the obviously small buttons), I feel old D=

Next up, catching a Pikachu! which I mean hunting in the loft for my old one...poor guy, maybe I should find some rubber washing up gloves first...

1st February 2009

To catch them is my real test...

The Pokeballs so far!...kind of boring looking...but now that they've had enough coats of white paint next up is putting the red and black on and the little grey nubbiny button then they should be done. Wish I still had my Pokedex too ;_;

1st February 2009

Like no one ever was...

Close-up of the hat...and the more I look at it...the harder I find it not to see a face XD; wonder if I could do something about those holes...

1st February 2009

Im gonna be the very best...

Progress so far with becoming a pokemon master...I mean...with making Ash's stuff. Hitachiin completed the jacket a few days ago and I just finished the hat today (was lucky to already have a red hat to use since I've had it for DJ.Ozura XD; ) So far I've got the t-shirt, jacket, hat and jeans sorted, now I just need to sort out his trainers and those horrible green plus a few pokeballs for good measure.

Edited yet again...why don't Cosplay Island journal titles know what an apostrophe is?! @.@