Little Sister - Bioshock 2





AkujiDelano posted on 23 November, 2012 - 19:48
Holy WOW this is amazing ouo You did the syringe so perfectly [excuse me while I generally gush at how lovely the entire cosplay is] Is this going to be for a convention at all? c:

Cereza posted on 24 November, 2012 - 18:54
Thanks ! I'm so proud of the syringe myself, it was so cheap, quite easy and i love it ! I'm gonna use it tomorrow at a convention here in Argentina, i'm not from the UK ^^

DizzieDee posted on 26 November, 2012 - 18:50
Amazing! plus that syringe looks super awesome~

Ros3ify posted on 27 November, 2012 - 00:31
Amazing you look great :D best little sister ever <3

Kouji posted on 28 November, 2012 - 02:15
this is just awesome *A* everything is so perfect!

FullMetal-007 posted on 12 March, 2013 - 21:39
Amazing costume =3 Really well done.

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