'Batman Returns' Catwoman (Deteriorating costume.) - Batman returns

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Test 2

My boots have FINALLY arrived.

First try with the cowl.

My prop taser is finished.

Updated with cowl.

Corset mods finished.

Mk 3 claws

...and the back.

Finished front



I should have done this years ago.


Ranma1-2 posted on 10 February, 2015 - 01:04
Wow, progress is looking great, this is shaping up to be a very good repro of the original screen costume! You mentioned lack of good info for the legs, do you have the drawing from the making of Batman Returns book? Have you seen these Catwoman costume posts

Ranma1-2 posted on 31 July, 2015 - 20:43
Intersting, they made the cowl with the downturned peak at the back - that is how it appears in the artwork for the original costume design. I think there is a neck piece which she puts on first in the movie - I think in the scene where she is changing in the back of the car leaving Wayne Manor.

Progress Journal

Suit with Cowl, first try. (Posted 9th September 2015)

I wasn't going to put any pics up till I got the right boots and the whip but I couldn't wait to try out the cowl with the suit. The pic is ghastly because I had problems with not being able to operate the camera's buttons with the claws. Plus the gloves stuck to the suit so I broke both thumb claws getting them on. I will have to put zips in them.

Prop taser progress. (Posted 30th July 2015)

I decided against having working switches and LEDs etc. Paint job WIP

Cowl arrived. (Posted 29th July 2015)

Took a little while to arrive but really pleased with it. It's quite high at the back with a sort of down-turned peak. As I'm doing the battle-damaged version I might try it with a wild blonde wig.

Prop taser work in progress (Posted 6th May 2015)

I can't remember seeing a BR Catwoman cosplay including the taser but in several scenes Michelle has it clipped to her left boot. Mine still needs more work on the curves and the grip and I must find out what the con rules on prop tasers are...

Cowl (Posted 15th March 2015)

My several attempts at cowl making all went pear-shaped so I've just ordered one of these from Reevzfx in the USA. I'm told to expect it to arrive some time in June...

WIP claws. (Posted 26th February 2015)

My first attempt using some foam plastic for the blades was a bit of a clunker. These plastic and rubber ones with a few metal bits mixed in are more sucessfull I think although I'm obviously not making any claims about screen accuracy.

Boots. (Posted 7th February 2015)

Just ordered these but in leather, not patent.

I finally had the courage to pick up a knife. (Posted 30th January 2015)

Strategic cuts made, their ends reinforced and translucent patches applied. The slits don't show very much from the outside yet but I'm sure they will when the material is stretched.
All the holes in the top are finished now but finding good reference pics for the suit's legs is proving very difficult. All the shots in the movie seen to be to distant to get a useful still from.

Faux-stitching test.. (Posted 18th January 2015)

Please ignore the green latex, it's just some scrap I had from my Poison Ivy wip. Anyway, although adding the fake stitches is a slow and fiddly job this combination of materials and adhesives seems to work really well. I've tugged this repeatedly in all directions and nothing's come undone. Essentially there's next to no stress at all in the 'thread', it's all taken on the translucent patch which is potentially as strong as the rest of the suit.

I think I'll make another test piece or two before taking the knife to the catsuit though.

Materials (Posted 17th January 2015)

If you look closely at Michelle's suit the 'open seams' aren't actually open at all, there's a second layer of rubber inside to hold it all together and take the stress. So, a meter of translucent 0.4mm rubber, some Bostik 3851 and No 4 thinners.

Also, 15m of 1mm white rubber beading thread and some Scotch-Weld PR20 rubber and plastic adhesive. I tested several glues for the stitching and although it's not cheap this stuff is by far the best. It's runny like a liquid superglue and it sticks the natural rubber beading cord to sheet latex like the proverbial :)

Base suit. (Posted 17th January 2015)

The catsuit I'm going to work on. I commissioned it with a rear half-zip, a higher than usual collar and to be sent unpolished (the better to fix the stitching to it).
All I need now is the courage to take a scalpel to it >.<

Something I've put off far too long. (Posted 17th January 2015)

I've wanted this costume ever since the film (showing my age there) but the prospect of making one was just too daunting. I know here are some amazing pvc and coated lycra versions out there but I've never seen a latex one (apart from the dreadful Annette K version with painted stitches released as a licensed tie-in to the movie. Rumour has it that between the quality and the cost of the Warner Bros licence she never sold one). Anyway, I've been researching and practicing with various materials, adhesives and techniques and I feel up to taking the plunge...
The version I'm going to attempt is the one Michelle is wearing when she first meets The Penguin, the left sleeve repaired after her napalming and fall but overall starting to deteriorate.