Melissa Mao (Uniform) - Full Metal Panic!


AyaCon 2013


Pocket-toting, authoritarian, comfy, temporate costumes needed for running cosplay HQ. This calls for military cosplay!

I adore FMP and I'm picking Melissa because it means a short wig and she doesn't always wear the shirt, so depending on the weather I don't have to boil :)

She also has her shit together, hoping to channel that on the day XD

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27th June 2013

Dog Tags

Got my dog tags from eBay super cheap. Went with standard army info: Last Name First Name Security No Blood Type Then instead of religion or military branch I put her code name because Mithril doesn't exist to the outside world (plausible deniability and all that).

18th June 2013


Fresh from an army surplus store on eBay and the right size first time! The great thing about army gear is it's everywhere and it's cheap. It is well worth questioning sellers on the sizes; I was quoted a huge range of inches for items listed with the same dress size.

10th June 2013

Wig Base

I was torn between getting black or blue and wanted a base wig with a fairly short style at the back. In the end I went for this Sword Art Online character wig from Coscraft in a lovely dark blue. There's lots of styling to do at the front, but just a simple trim at the back :D

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