Suzaku Kururugi
Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion

Cosplayer: White Tigress

Variant: Knight of Zero/Mutuality artwork

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Kitacon 2014

24th March 2014: Sad news but dont fret ^^ OK time to be realistic, Suzaku will be worn to Kita but I wont have time to finish the cape. Would rather be capeless and be happy with what I done than chance it and be unhappy with the bulk of it. Sewing machine problems are making progress much slower than planned and I am physically feeling drained already. Would rather take my time and enjoy the con than do allnighters and feel ill all weekend and have disappointing results. Will be top priority for my next convention ^^ Tempted to stay in the masquerade for fun tho XD

Well he is capeless when he pilots the Lancelot Albion at the end of the anime.

But still :D I love how this is coming together so far :D

23rd March 2014: Agh! Gone a step back! Was having some major problems with the applique so rage quitted that yesterday or else id have a nervous breakdown (so close!!!) so I painted the wings instead. Just gave them a touch up and onto the bootcovers now while they dry.

21st March 2014: Less than a week to go! Eeep! Yesterday I done a fair bit of appliquing. First time using heat n bond. Champion stuff! Gonna have to buy more thread and needles today and hopefully finish with the bodysuit tonight. Looks like its mostly energy drinks for tea tonight.

Here is the chest piece. Bias tape has been stitched on, just needs going over and the gem ^^

13th March 2014: Some bits and bobs OK so from last time;

Darted the mockup cape for a better shape.
Acquired some better fabric for the main cape and all.
Most of the pattens are cut out.
Found some donor boots under my bed for the bootcovers :)

Best get moving with this. I am already predicting a few allnighters on the way.

7th March 2014: The stress is starting to kick in...:S Taking a break from the bodysuit and made a start on the cape. I am currently making the undercape with the inspiration of a Red Riding Hood patten I found. My first ever cape so I am pretty nervous ^^; The overcape patten has been patterned but will need to be scaled down a little for the real thing.

The fabric I intended to use for the white seems pretty thin. Might use it as a mock up and get some better quality fabric in the week :) Hope the Nottingham market still have what I have in mind.

Found some epic sketches yesterday and today so they are uploaded onto this page ^^

5th March 2014: Belt 1 The very base of the bodysuit is done. Just need to add all the white and make the wings.

The base of the belt is also done. It is made of a PVCish kind of fabric that was very cheap from a local shop. Due to the nature of it I had to use talcum powder to drive it through the sewing machine lol Thankfully it was an easy surface to clean afterwards :D I am currently experimenting with the wing/eye patten; one was drawn based on a mix of other cosplayers/artists interpretions while another was a copy from the artwork as each reference seem to vary so im looking as to which looks the best.

1st March 2014: Shopping! Brought some more fabric :) Ordering some heat n bond, fimo clay and some interfacing right now :'D

Hopefully all I will need now are some donor shoes for the boot covers. No way am I wearing flats with this XD *isastubbonbitch*

27th February 2014: Taking shape...well starting to The basic bodysuit is almost done but it will need alot of adjustments to make it better fitting :) They are a bit of a pain when you are relying mostly on trial and error XD

26th February 2014: Sleeves part 2 The sleeves and cuffs are finished!

The metal buttons were pierced and glued into the cuffs allowing me to be able to sew them onto the sleeve. Ill wait until I have my little storage box handy before sewing them on as I dont want them to get damaged or lost.

Basically the hem is rolled to add stiffness to make it easier to apply the hemming tape. The first was sewn on beautifully but the other took 4 attempts before I was happy with it at all. The cuffs started out with 4 layers of a mixture of PVA glue and water for a good surface, then 3-4 layers of silver acrylic paint. I had some old metallic silver paint lying about and used pretty much the last of it as the final coloured layer to make it more realistic looking. A final thick dollop of PVA with some water was applied for a good finish :) Really simple and oh so pleased with the turnout.

Playing around with the idea of joining the cosplay contest to add just this little bit of pressure to do my best :3 Ill work on the bodysuit next (hopefully tomorrow) and decide ^^

22nd February 2014: Sleeves! Unfortunately came down with a cold so decided to do something fun and made a start on the sleeves rather than suffer more than I really am with something tricky *cough* Sasha *cough*. My dad needed my black thread half way into the sewing so I made a start with some craft foamy fun! Patterned, shaped and themofoamed! Currently onto the boring bit and having to wait for the layers and layers of glue to dry up.

Saved the metal buttons from the patten I used for the bodysuit (in progress) and painted them silver for when the metal cuffs are ready for painting!

15th February 2014: Agh! Shoes arrived yesterday but are pretty ill fitting (they keep slipping off every time I move :() so Ill be better off going around charity shops I think.

Ordered the wig, some bias tape and some corset boning to help experiment with the hood construction :) Tomorrow I need to go into town so I plan to buy the fabric for the cape and some other stuff to help get started like some new needles, craft foam and thread :)

7th February 2014: OK its a start ^^ Just bidded on some shoes that should hopefully work well as a base for the bootcovers. Kinda sacrificing accuracy as they are high heels but meh, im crossplaying so Id rather have some added height and the design is by CLAMP anyway so I should be able to get away with it :)

The bodysuit has been started too. Salvaging that from a cosplay I changed my mind over in favour for another character and gotta make a few minor changes. Will do that when my AoT harness is finished :)

Hoping to buy most of the materials next weekend. I am really looking forward to making the cape! Nervous about constructing the hood. Wonder if some cheap corset boning would work...? I'll keep an eye out for ideas to support it ^^

WhiteWraith avatar

WhiteWraith - 30th November 2012
This is gonna look great! If you do it to Gemucon, I hope I get to see you there!

wingedwolf avatar

wingedwolf - 2nd March 2014
Code Geass! Yay <3

Kyuipo avatar

Kyuipo - 15th July 2014
whoa. looks so cool :O
awesome job ^^