Cosplayer: mangacookie

Variant: Personified

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

3rd January 2013: Nearly Done :o I have finished the tail, recieved my wig and facepaint for christmas and i have even tried make up tests so i know what to do, the only things left are making the ears (getting fur next week or so)the head marking and buying contacts (closer to time)then i should be done~ Also the picture was the only one i took that wasnt complete derp ;n;

9th November 2012: Yay~ i've started making the tail and i plan to make the ears as well as the head piece thingy thats on Ammy's head, and for once ill also need to do make up tests so i know how to put the markings on my face since i really dont know how to make up... OTL anyways, ill be buying the costume and the wig since i really cant sew together costumes just yey, just tails and ears for now (using the yarn technique for her tail, the costume ill be getting will probably hide most of it i think so i dont need it super detailed.... for now)

Lady-Aira avatar

Lady-Aira - 5th February 2013
Woooo Okami :D All the best with this and cannot wait to see! I was part of an Okami brush god group last midlands expo ^^

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mangacookie - 17th February 2013
I had heard about you guys going last year but i never got to see you :c