Naomasa li (Engineering outfit ) - Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon / Horizon on the middle of nowhere





Naomasa's engineering outfit from Horizon.
I Will be making this for what ever event I can find for next year really.

I won't be making her large wrench due to time and event rules since most UK events wouldn't like me bringing something that large along.

Edit: Sadly this costume has gone to hell so now on hold until I can decide to work on it again.


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Progress Journal

14th March 2013


The shoulder piece broke into a lot of pieces... so had to re-do part of it sadly, Its drying at the moment and now added some gaps so it sits on my shoulder better. The head band is done just needs to be painted, the wig though still needs styling at the front and lastly the shoes need paining on the heels. No sewing today just don't want to have to try and fiddle around with the sewing machine...

11th March 2013

lots to do

Started work on the legs in order to get them out of the way so I can work more on the props and main body parts. Finally got some decent fabric for it all and made up a solid base from foam then covered with light fabric to make the cone shape around my legs.

Also wig is done just have to style the bangs so they make v shape at the front and do the head band.

14th February 2013

shoulder part

working on it again to make it solid, one side has been plastered and one side still needs to be evened out. slow work.

11th February 2013

Starting up work again

I stopped for a while due to work but now back working on the hand since it is the hardest part. Sadly very few images are available to see her arm form all sides and it varies from round to square in many images. So I went with the anime and made the bottom a half square and the top round.

Next will be to plaster the shoulder and then the base for the arm will be done for me to secure it all together.

12th December 2012

working the arm

I've never done a mech arm before so this will be fun. I want it to be workable since I wouldn't be able to do much with out the use of my right arm but also it will be fun surprising people by moving the arm as if it is a real mechanical arm.

The left image is the rest of the top so far I have been trying to be careful not to mess up the stitching since I only have enough fabric to do it once. I have done the bicep piece so I can see how the rest will look according to my arm size.

Still more work to do though.

3rd December 2012

starting out

I'm not really uses to making skin tight body suits but this is starting to look good with the material I'm using. The top is made from heat tech round neck tops from uniqlo( I got them on sale cheaper then having to buy fabric really). Most of the lower outfit is bought sadly since I can't make leggings/trousers or shoes. So I have Tobi socks as a base for the shoe and very tight leggins for the legs.