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This costume seems really simple. I'm hoping I can modify clothes for this one.


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Progress Journal

27th April 2015

I'm puttin' this one away....

So I did actually wear this, unfinished to a con, but I didn't get any pictures. Needless to say, it wasn't up to my standard (very high), and I felt too exposed in my mini-skirt.
I have some modifications to make to this, but only if I get around to it.

2nd June 2014

Hey yo! Update after long time!

So, you know how in the last post I said their was a Con coming up?
Well, I rushed my project so hard the night before, and still didn't get it finished....yeah, I learnt my lesson....

I practically finished the shirt earlier, but I made a huge mistake of sewing up the sleeves before testing if they were the right fit; and now their too small. So I just decided a few weeks ago that I would just leave the top without sleeves. Also, my perfect shorts have gone missing, again!!

The gloves were a pain, and I ended up ruining them, so I have to get another pair.

11th November 2013

Where are the shoes?!

Well, I haven't really been working on this costume for a while due to Uni and privacy issues (sharing a room has become difficult, but now that there's a Con on the horizon, I thought I had better start working.

Good news, my skirt is almost finished, I'm just debating whether or not to hand sew the hem, since the machine has been shirring the fabric when I try to sew. Oh yes! I also learnt that doing a straight stitch on stretch fabric is bad when you're trying to keep the stretch.
*So that's why I couldn't get it on....*
The shirt is a bugger. Only because I pin it all way to early because I'm so excited to wear it, then I have to go back and sew everything from before, when I decide I have to try it on again. Rinse and repeat.
Bought some cheap gardening gloves awhlie ago, and I mean CHEAP, those things would never keep your hands clean. Well I was going to cut the fingers off and put it over a pair of navy blue gloves that I had at home. EXCEPT THEY'RE GONE!!!! We had like three pairs, and no one's seen them!! So much for making things easy.
And shoes....Well I found the perfect white shoes that I was going to paint on. And really cheap as well, but not in my size. Rows apon rows of sizes way to big or too small. BUT NOT MY SIZE!!!! Bwah. Does the world not want me to have them or something?

On another note, I still have to get a bag...... Yeah!!!! Op-shopping!!!!

25th April 2013


I have done it!!!!!
No not finished the shirt.....BUT HEMMED THE BANDANA!!!!!
Finally, I can put it as finished.
That shirt though, I have no idea what I'm doing anymore. It's lying in pieces in my room, and I tried to make the blue parts for it but they came out too small!!!!! I don't know how I'm supossed to get them the shape I want. T^T Also, my mirror is gone....

15th April 2013


I've actually gone ahead and painted the bandana! I know.... I can hardly believe it myself. I tried using fabric paint, but it turned out really pale, so I switched to acrylic which is soooo much better.

And I've actually worked on the top, although I've almost had to completely rebuild it from scratch. But I'm doing something!!!!!

17th March 2013


I officially have no idea what I'm doing. I found a really nice red shirt, which happenned to be too big for me, so today I shredded it up by taking the sleeves out.I'm hoping I can pin it into the right shape and re-sew it, but I haven't had much luck with that in the past. I probably won't be able to move in it by the time I'm done. I must remember not to pin it super close.

The bandana hasn't progressed at all. I drew out the pattern and tried it on, but the fabric overlaps, so you can't see most of it anyway.

I will think of something.

8th January 2013


Yay!!!!! Today I started the bandana out of the red fabric I bought for my Shinku cosplay!!!!!