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Princely Pantalooooooons! Eridan is my favourite character in the whole of HS so this costume was generally inevitable.
Bakurakat and I were discussing princely pantaloons and I think the plan is to be princely together!
I'm doing it! I'm moving this to in progress!!! Ahhh~~~!

Post Expo update is that this was sort of a success! I got everything done but theere is still a lot I would love to improve ready for Ayacon. Still, this was my first time greying up and I consider it a good one :)


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Progress Journal

27th May 2013

Post-Expo Changes!

Oooooh-kay! I basically have a couple of things to do before I can wear this again at Ayacon.
First things first, I gotta lighten the logo on the shirt with fabric paint~ I think I'll make new, elasticated bloomers too, because Bakurakat, my awesome Kurloz, had the princeliest pantaloons in the land and that's the method she used!
Also I need to shorten my hood by a bit, but that's easy pasy to do...

Oh! And lets not forget that I'm making the wiiiiings!! <3

14th March 2013

Things and stuff and Jersey??

So I ordered my jersey off the Internet but I think I got a bit excited and didn't read it properly cause I bought Jersey/Lycra rather than Jersey/Cotton?? But the colour is spot on so I don't really mind?? It should still work!!

My shoes and tights also arrived~~! The shoes are perfect and fit really nicely! Haven't tried the tights on yet but I hope they fit cause whoa plain white tights in big sizes are super hard to find???

Anyway maybe I should get sewing now it's all here hahah

8th March 2013

Princes with Tiaras

Also, since the white part of the hood is confirmed to be crown of some kind, I thought it might be kind of fun to use an actual crown/tiara instead?? So I bought the tiara pictured and I have NO REGRETS

8th March 2013


I pretty much went crazy and bought 70% of what I need for this in the last 3 days? I've the majority of the fabric and the rest is arriving from ~*the internet*~, I have a tiara/crown, my Snazaroo, my tights & shoes are on their way...

To be honest, all I need is a wig (which shouldn't be too difficult to source!) and my horns (which I think I might be begging Bakurakat to help me make?) as well as some ear fins! I think I can buy them online though so, I'm not too worried!

Now it's just sewing everything? Everything is pretty simple shapes but I gotta admit I'm a bit worried about the cape/mantle and arranging it to sit right! Might be a bit awkward but we will see I guess.

Hipsterfish is underway and I'm well excited!