Prince Dastan (Warrior Within) - Prince of Persia





Seeing as I naturally have his colouring and my hair isn't far off in length and neither is my goatee (oh yes ladies, it's real) So I was sitting thinking what's a fairly easy Cos I can bump out and this came to mind, he look's dark and cool (so he has my attitude on life "predictable joke") and I like dual wielding in games so it's even better in life.

I was thinking of doing the new Cell shaded Prince of persia game as it looks like quite a smart outfit and one of the dark and mysterious characters im so fond of BUT I do not yet own the game as I bought a nintendo DS recently so Im not going to be pretenious about a game I haven't played!!!

SO I will be adding the NEW P.O.P to this site in about a week's time!

For now enjoy the simplistic art of Prince Dastan.


Sephirayne posted on 31 August, 2011 - 14:28
Looking forward to seeing this.