Ashley J Williams (Genderbent) - Evil Dead 2 : Dead by Dawn


Yes really.
I'm not quite as manly as Mr.Campbell so I decided it'd be best to do a female version.
I really want to do this just for a bit of fun and something to wear to conventions like Memorabilia were it'd be a bit more appropriate :) That and I'm a ridiculous horror nerd and Evil Dead is one of my all time favourite films, so it was only a matter of time before this happened :3

rohanfox posted on 6 November, 2012 - 20:05
This is one of the best ideas you have ever had :') Cannot wait to see how this turns out! <3

Alouette posted on 6 November, 2012 - 23:39
The temptation to have this done for November Memorabilia is untrue.

rpat posted on 17 June, 2013 - 18:03
I've never seen a female Ash before. This is going to be awesome! I built a screen accurate chainsaw for an Ash costume I wore for Halloween last year. If you want to borrow it let me know!

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