Eruka Frog - Soul Eater


Several friends told me that I needed to cosplay her, since she *is* me (not in terms of personality; but appearance…I hope). I thought her outfit was cute, so I sat down to watch Soul Eater, and quickly decided I’d go ahead with the costume to join the group at Auchinawa. Polka dots! Cute mouth-dot-dimple things! And that HAT!

The dress is a similar style to my Anemone one, and gave me the chance to not make the same mistakes again, so I patterned it out rather differently this time round. I went with a seam at the waist, and the skirt constructed from several flared panels, giving it a much more even circular hem. I used the same basic Butterick dress pattern to make the bodice part, and easily patterned out the skirt myself using the power of mathematics. There’s an invisible zip down the back, and I used the same approach of hoopsteel in the hem. The fabric is black polyester twill, the skirt’s constructed with French seams, and every other raw edge is overlocked. I’m pleased with the construction and how the shape turned out this time!

For the sleeves, I bought a grey stretchy Primark top which is sewn to the dress. I also bought the black leggings. The grey scalloped trim at the hem was made from fabric from a pair of leggings which matched the top I’d bought! I just couldn’t find any other fabric to match. It was a nuisance to line all the scallops, but simple enough when I interfaced the stretchy fabric first. I did consider lining the entire skirt/dress in the same grey, or making an underskirt, but decided it was pointless for something that would rarely show, and I’d also had so much trouble finding fabric in the right shade of grey.

The white spots weren’t as bad as I expected. I didn’t want to paint them on, since I’m not a fan of painting, so I settled on some form of appliqué. There was no way I wanted to stitch round the edges of all those spots though, and getting circles precisely circular was going to be a pain. I decided on using Bondaweb, but I didn’t want to use a fabric that might fray, since I didn’t want to have to do any edges finishes. So I chose felt. Cutting out the circles didn’t end up being too bad, I used a craft knife and a tub that was the right size to cut round. Then it was just a matter of arranging all the circles over the dress, and ironing them on.

The hat was essentially made of trial and error. I used a witch hat from a pound shop for the base (convenient I was making this around Halloween time), which gave a basic shape to build off, and somewhat helps it to balance on my head. I covered it in wadding, and sewed a fabric cover. The droopy end is also padded out. The face is more wadding, hot glued in place to try and form the features, the eyes are polystyrene balls, and the rest is fabric pen. It’s not too easy to wear, and I didn’t really manage to shape the face as I had envisaged, but it’s ok. I do want to try to tidy it up though more - a reliance on duct tape, and that messy brim is not something I want to keep.

The wig is from cosplaywig on eBay, it’s an unusual blend of blue, white and bizarrely, purple, but I like it enough. It had a lot of uneven waves and kinks in it when I got it, so it was thoroughly straightened, the fringe trimmed, and the rest cut a little too. For once, blunt ends to the hair is acceptable. It feels like the worst cutting job I’ve ever done, but it was deliberate!

I wore boots I already had. Ideally I’d like a more accurate shape - pointed toes, and a tapered heel, but I was happy to use a pair I already owned and which were comfy. Finally, the dots by my mouth are eyeliner, which stayed on surprisingly well.

Solaria posted on 25 January, 2009 - 19:12
OMG! Ive never seen a Eruka cosplay! And yes you pull it off wonderfully! I adore it *3*

kitty posted on 25 January, 2009 - 19:25
oh wow!! great job on the costume <3 your hat looks brilliant!!

HelloKitty posted on 25 January, 2009 - 19:40
I love this sooooo much, this alone makes me regret not going to auchinawa Please say you are going to wear this again pleeeeeeease!!!

MangaChild posted on 25 January, 2009 - 20:29
EPIC SOUEATER COSPLAY!!!! please reware for Minami!!!

Amy-Lou posted on 26 January, 2009 - 11:18
And the award for coolest hat goes to... What a great design XD

Emzone posted on 26 January, 2009 - 12:34
wowie great job with this =D

ryaoki posted on 26 January, 2009 - 22:34

Angelphie posted on 27 January, 2009 - 10:10
Thanks guys! I do want to rewear it, I think I had AyaCon pencilled in, but I’m not sure this far in advance! I already have quite a few plans for Minami, but if any fall through, I’ll certainly see about fitting in Eruka.

Tak posted on 27 January, 2009 - 11:31
I just love this costume *so* much, I want to see it in person very much!

Limegreenjelly posted on 18 March, 2009 - 22:11
love the cosplay, saw this on cosplay lab wicked cosplay :)

JakeX posted on 18 March, 2009 - 23:00
haha i love it, very accurate and nicely made =3 well done and i love the hat

angel aiko posted on 19 March, 2009 - 11:05
aww this makes me feel happy inside, eurka is to awesome

Sweeturk posted on 24 March, 2009 - 15:26
i love this cosplay it looks awesome =D and I LOVE YOUR HAT XD

Uni posted on 2 April, 2009 - 16:28
You suit this cosplay so much! I just wanted to hug you~ and your hat XD

Anonymous posted on 2 April, 2009 - 16:39
Adorable cosplay! Eruka is just so cute and lovable. XD That hat is pure win!

Moonchild posted on 2 April, 2009 - 19:16
Awesome cosplay ^_^ I think i got your photo at minamicon 15 xDD

Anonymous posted on 23 November, 2009 - 20:43
awsuuum ^^

InfiniteJester posted on 16 December, 2009 - 14:42
yayyy erukaaaa im pleased that someone else has cosplayed her too cos she is awesome and really undderatted!

Eloraborealis posted on 19 May, 2011 - 20:57
Such a cute Eruka! I love the hat especially!

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