Hawkman - Smallville

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Hawkman vs Green Arrow

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I'd only really come across Hawkman as a secondary character until watching the few episodes of Smallville he was in.

I like this version because he's older and more bitter than the other versions I've seen. He's lost alot, and has lost faith in the world. It makes him a much more relatable character to me.

I also prefer this version because he's wearing armour rather being open chested :P


puzzledpenguin posted on 4 November, 2012 - 16:34
This will be an awesome cosplay, looking forward to seeing your progress :-)

Manticore posted on 5 November, 2012 - 21:10
I think I might just have to Jump you for doing a Smallville Cosplay. Nevermind the fact that you've decided to choose Michael Shank's Hawkman HNNG

Captain_Marvelous posted on 12 November, 2012 - 23:05

Progress Journal

Helmet Start (Posted 17th March 2013)

A few weeks ago I found a Pepakura file for the Comic version of Hawkman. It's not perfect for the Smallville version, but it will get me a good way toward the finished item, and I can make modifications once I've put it together.

The main parts that will need changing are:
- The Wings on the Sides
- The Size of the Beak
- The area around the Eyes, mostly in the Brow area.

I have now printed this out, so will be aiming to build it over the coming months.....

Build Plans (Posted 11th November 2012)

I've decided that I want to start entering cosplay competitions, and I feel that this is one of the few costumes on my list that will give me a chance at winning.

So, this plan (at the moment) is this.....

....I'm going to be making two version of this costume.
The first version won't have the wings, and will let me practice certain techniques that are comparatively new to me.

The second version will be of a better quality than the first, ready to enter competitions. But the main difference is that the 2nd version will include the wings.
Building wings is something completely new to me, so that should be interesting....