Hakufu Sonsaku (Flamed China Dress) - Ikki Tousen / Battle Vixens

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My new wig

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Hakufu is on my list to Cosplay and I definitely want to make her black china dress with flames. It's an outfit that can be worn on a hot day or a party so it would be a great addition for con's and summer expo's!

I have the model of this version so I have a all round view to make it!


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Progress Journal

One day soon... (Posted 1st July 2013)

So I've decided what I need to do with this one is get a base black dress and paint on the detail and cut the slits and chest area - not sure when I'm going to do this yet though!

Smexeh wig! (Posted 28th December 2012)

My wig arrived! It's gorgeous! Very pleased with it, just needs styling slightly ^_^ x

Wiggy wig! (Posted 14th December 2012)

I bought my wig this week as a treat, going to start looking at making the dress now, I have a chinese dress pattern :D

Searching...... (Posted 21st November 2012)

Looking for a base long black china dress - not easy XD