Dirk Strider (Brony) - Homestuck




My friends wanted an alpha kid group for MCM, and I love Dirk, but I didn't think I could pull off 'skinny redneck albino,' which is sort of my mental image of him. So I asked nicely, and we ended up doing an alpha kids cosplay cosplay group! We had a Jake English dressed as Lara Croft, and a Roxy Lalonde dressed as a shitty wizard. It was damn fun, even if the binding did nearly kill me (I'm only bound in the formal shot).

My friend Kitty made the wings! So awesome. <3 She'd made a pair before for a Fluttershy costume and I thought they were great.

My cosplay bro, who played Jake, cut the shades out a long time ago. They were the prototype pair - but when she went to make a new pair, she kept snapping the sawblade, so we pulled the prototype off its frame instead, and I sanded it down and glued it to a pair of arms from a £1 pair of generic reading glasses.

The jacket's very old, and I had to remove what looked like a moth larva from it before it was wearable.

The shorts are from H&M. They're very skimpy - I had to put foundation on my legs. T_T

The socks were expensive, but worth it, I think.

I had rainbow wristbands, but it was so cold that I never took the jacket off! It wasn't like last year's MCM - I think I would have died of exposure if I'd worn my PM costume.

The shirt's a Double K t-shirt, from the Kickstarter - I was going to wear a turquoise vest, but when I finally got the Kickstarter incentives, I realised it would be great fun to wear together.

I spend about fifteen hours making a wig out of two other wigs, so it would be full and thick and so I could spike it up completely. When I put it on I realised it didn't even touch my ears. I'm never buying anything from Primark again. Thanks so much to my Jake for turning up her Haine wig and letting me chuck a load of hair products into it.

The ponytail doesn't really show up so well, which is a shame, because it cost the most of any part - about £20, because I had to buy every hair extension seperately. It was just clipped to my hair - the original plan was that I'd cut a hole in the shitty wig, but I couldn't bring myself to do that in Jake's gorgeous wig.

The gloves were a loan from Jake too, left over from her Equius cosplay - except her hands are giant and mine are tiny, so I had to make them completely unwearable for her. I think I might be a bad friend. D:

The costume was pretty fun to wear, overall - though the ribbons kept slipping off my shoulders, and I couldn't see indoors, so I wore the shades up on my head - and they eventually slipped off and shattered, which was a real shame. The shoes came out pretty well, I think - I'm actually still wearing them right now, because unlike every other pair of shoes I own, they're not full of holes or covered in poo. Yay, rural cosplayers. I don't think I'm serious enough to be Dirk though - or the other Dirk cosplayers hated me for some reason. I felt pretty shunned when I tried to make friends with them. o_0 Good thing I had the rest of my group!

And yes, I wore a sports cup all day.


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