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In Progress




A matching costume to go with Clow. Hopefully we can do these this year some time.

September 2011:
After planning it for god knows how many years this is finally in progress!
Was planned for Aya 2011 but thanks to a shoulder injury I couldn't wear any costumes. DX

The robes are complete and waiting to be painted, the red under top is also complete. The obi is cut out and awaiting sewing. The head dresses need to be made and the wig styled and I'm all done. Got some beautiful shoes too that also need detailing.


Solaria posted on 18 May, 2009 - 21:46
Thank you for the comment on Ruby =] Which ever day you guys are doing it is fine by me. Me and Yue havent decided yet Lemme know~

Lady Bahamut posted on 9 September, 2011 - 18:18
I'd really like to get some Watanuki shots with you :3 It's such a pretty cosplay! *_*

SephNoir posted on 9 September, 2011 - 19:40
Likewise! I'm planning on taking it to Fushi if we go and most likely Kita next year. If we can't arrange something at cons though we're luckily local enough to organise a shoot here!