Himari - Mawaru Penguindrum




I used an old shirt of my father's which was perfect at the sleeves but had brown stripes as well as blue, fortunately not too noticeable. What was more noticeable was that, although I had chopped off the collar, the neck ruff was still missing. This was due to a sewing machine failure before the event and I still plan on fixing it but I wore it as a complete outfit and wasn't too dissatisfied. I bought the blue ribbon at the Fabric Warehouse, where I also bought all the skirt material for an incredible sale price of £5! It was a bit hot for summer but not see-through, thank goodness. This was my first skirt so it took a few tries to cut it into the right pattern but I was pleased with the result. The zipper had to be finished by hand due to the machine malfunction so it is currently being held in place at the top by a safety pin, not so pleased about that...
The shoes were from everything5pounds.com, a fiver plus £4 postage. There was a pair on there that were actually much more suitable, out of stock in my size though. The wig was a tenner from ebay with free postage and I thought I could brush out the curls, a lot harder than it seems, turns out it involves a much more difficult and time-taking process!
If I were to do this again I would also like to take my hot water bottle case - which isn't as odd as it sounds - because it looks just like Himari's penguin! I would pad it up, sew the back up and sew a little red hair ribbon on. It might even make a good backpack to avoid the awkward bag-not-going-with-outfit scenario!