Cosplayer: Purplefluffychainsaw

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Raine avatar

Raine - 4th February 2009
I look forward to seeing u cosplay him~ The Undertaker's on my cosplay list cause he's awsome lol!

PepperCos avatar

PepperCos - 4th February 2009

kitamurin avatar

kitamurin - 13th February 2009
oh, brilliant XD I love the Undertaker!

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 21st February 2009
>D SWEET! I will so be looking for you in May !

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 21st May 2009
You will get so much love for this. <3 <3 <3

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 8th June 2009
Wow, where di you get those referance pictures??
They look really useful <3

And your cosplay is looking awesome :)

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 15th July 2009
Awesome Scythe. The hat and wig looking great. Just added him to my planned list for friends and thought what you've done is fab.

JustPeachy avatar

JustPeachy - 22nd July 2011
This looks amazing :D I love your Scythe, it's so awesome!