Judai/Jaden Yuki - Yu-Gi-Oh GX


London MCM Expo October 2012

Nope i just got a bunch of fangirls glomping me, oh and i was photo abused xD too many pics were taken x.x




I cosplay season 4 Judai/Jaden so the cosplay involves his slifer red jacket, a black t-shirt and black trousers along with the red orisis/slifer red duel disk.
he also has black and red boots but i still need to buy them.

: D i first wore his cosplay at the cinema : D i went to see Yu-Gi-Oh bonds beyond time in 3D, with a bunch of other yugioh cosplayers it was awesome, the first con i wore him at was mcm expo May 2011 and i've worn him to every other convention since jaden/judai is definitely one of my signature cosplays : D my judai/jaden cosplay is very well known.


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