Snow White
Once upon a Time

Cosplayer: iggie

Variant: Season 1- Woodland

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

7th August 2013: Fairydust Pendant- This is no where near accurate, but I couldn't find a bottle big enough or in the right shape at all that didn't cost insane amounts of money T//T So this is a really inaccurate version of Snows fairy dust pendant that i threw together with stuff I already had (black and gold glitter mixed together to make it more "dark fairydust")

17th June 2013: Gloves+Cuffs~ Finished the cuffs! I was going to attach them, but due to the way i made them I couldn't make them tie up the ties are just there as detail, not for use >//<

And since I couldn't find any nice patterned fabric in this colour I hand drew all the pattern on with markers! Which is why once I figured out I'd laid them out wrong I couldn't change them to make them open and close, so now I just pull them on over my gloves~

17th June 2013: Costume so far~ It's slowly coming together, I have most of the base parts finished.
I've had to sew two wigs together to get a nice volumed wig.
Added details (the cuffs and lace) to the under blouse.
I still need to add details to the trousers (along the leg and the knees)

The chaps are so hard to get on over my boots bleh.

MayugeBeam avatar

MayugeBeam - 20th November 2012
Snooooooow omg I cannot wait for our group!! Exciting times >D

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 15th March 2013
Can't wait to see this! Makes me tempted to finish off my Jefferson costume...

WhiteWraith avatar

WhiteWraith - 17th June 2013
Progress is looking great! You really suit Snow :)

iggie avatar

iggie - 30th June 2013
Thankyou so much!~ <3

Panda123 avatar

Panda123 - 13th July 2013
Awesome! I hope I get to see your group at Aya!

Namine avatar

Namine - 21st March 2014
I think the cosplay is amazing as, I saw it at Ayacon and got a photo with you when I did. Congrats on how awesome it became! (Btw, I was the spider-man cosplayer xD)