Ezio Auditore Da Firenze (Female) - Assassin's Creed II




I'm actually going to do a female version of Ezio. If I could draw I would put up a concept pic!


Numta posted on 13 November, 2012 - 09:37
Looking forward to see the design you come up with =D

Isabela posted on 13 November, 2012 - 13:06
Thanks Numta :D I know what I'm going to do now and started ordering materials. This is going to be awesome!

yohlenyaoilover posted on 24 April, 2013 - 20:46
Look forward to seeing this =D

Progress Journal

12th November 2012

Design Phase

Since there is no female assassin costume, I have a certain amount of artistic freedom when making this costume.

I have drawn up a couple of designs for the corset part - not decided which to go with yet. There will also be a hooded cloak, which I think I may take from the concept art.

Feeling pretty good about where this is heading now though :)