Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake

Cosplayer: Satellite

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

26th May 2013: Finishedd :3 Just about finished it in time, done the backpack at 10:30 the night before XD
Expo was just ok for me, none of my friends could make it so i was alone most time time ;_; Have to make October better though c:

8th March 2013: More progress! Got the skirt the other day, its perfect :'3 All i need is to order the backpack, finish sword and then sow the blue things on to the socks XD Hope to get it done this month due to exams in May :3

25th December 2012: PROGRESS! Some good progress comming along, which is a change for me :B Going to start Fionna hat aftr christmas (Like, tomorrow) Then order the stuff in January, now i actually have money! -Happy dance- Should get an early finish on this cosplay C:

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rosieroo - 17th May 2013
bows to you kawaiiness

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rosieroo - 31st May 2013
loving the progress