princess zelda - Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword




cosplay comprises of:

wig: bought from ebay and customised by me
Ears: from morbid mask studios
contacts: freshlook colours sapphire blue
hair ornaments: made from craft foam, paint and nail varnish
dress: custom made by me, my hubby and sewn by my mum ( thanks mum lol)
bracelets: made from craft foam same as hair ornaments
Goddess harp: Made from paper mache and painted with acrylics by me
sandles: from new look :)

I really enjoyed my first Zelda cosplay and will be wearing it again for the may London expo in 2013! I need to figure out how to properly pin down a wig as mine kept slipping back which was annoying and meant I had to keep taking it off to re-do it :/ it was a knotty mess by the end of the day X(

I was grabbed for some photos by a large Zelda group, if that was you please say hi, I wanted to hang out with you guys but had to be somewhere and couldn't find you after that :( Would love to be part of your group :D


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