Pabu (er. kigu version + Mask) - Legend of Korra: The Last Airbender


Amecon 2012

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So if you watch LOK you know of Pabu. My friends did a group cosplay and I decided to join in~
So, my auntie helped me cause she used to make dance costumes and she was really happy to have something to work on again. (you don't have to tell me how lucky i am to have such a creative family, since cosplaying i've been so thankful to have family close by to talk to for advice!)
So! I already had a Pikachu kigu to work from, we decided to trace around it and we remembered to add on a bit for a seam allowance. sort of. everything fitted perfectly, but the cuffs on the arms and legs were a little tight. I couldn't push the sleeves up if it got a bit too hot, and don't think about wearing anything more than socks on your legs! but i think during the 4/5 month gap till the next convention I'll un-stitch them and re-make those bits.

It helped a lot having a kigu already owned to go by cause you can really look at how they've made it, if you don't own one already, I'm sorry I can't help you there. I think if you Google it there will be answers, maybe even a youtube tutorial.
Anyway, it was pretty straight forward, I bought 3 metres of light brown fleece material, and 2 metres of brown. I had also bought a metre of a wine red coloured fleece fabric as the tail has a dark red/brown stripe pattern, but the colour I had was too bright, I needed a more dark red colour but didn't have enough time to buy any, so I just used the dark brown and it looks okay.
The tail, as you can see in the picture, is pretty long. it drags on the floor if it's not attached just below the middle of the shoulders, and when I'm not wearing it at a convention, I cut the threads holding it to the body in case I sit down and pull it, cause you will sit on it, but it's pretty darn comfy and could look cute if you carry it around maybe.
The stuffing for it was in a small-ish bag, cause it's compacted in, so you don't need a lot but it's better to have too much than not enough, and when it comes to stuffing the tail, grab a handful of stuffing and shred it a bit to loosen it up, makes it go a lot further, and as you're stuffing the... uh, stuffing... remember to squish the overall tail about to give it a bit of shape. you can do this after, I don't think it'll make too much difference, but it could save lumpy bits forming.

Not sure what else to say about the pabu kigu, the buttons were big round wooden things, could have done with being brown but last minute and couldn't find the right sized button in the right colour. I'd maybe paint them but I kind of like the 'earthy' feel of it.

The mask base was made using this plaster bandage stuff, I got a box of it from Amazon, it's one long roll of it, and I made the mistake of doing the top half of my face then the bottom half, but the bottom half kept slipping as it was drying, I was going to try go for a hinge so I could open and close the mouth but I ended up using spare bits of fabric on the mask, which prevents it from moving, as it would have been a pain painting it as it wasn't exactly smooth, but it is possible to sand it down.
I'll be re-making it over Christmas as it's a bit of a rough last minute draft anyway, I left my brother to put the fabric on it as I had no idea how I'd make the nose stand out and stuff. I also bought 1 metre of white fabric for this, as I'd intended to just glue the fabric on after my painting theory was short lived with my lack of effort to sit and sand it smooth, and my brother ended up sewing the fabric together and used the eye and nose holes to keep it attached to the base. (I'll take pictures of that another time, probably before I cut those ties to swap it to the re-make.) To keep the nose... well, sticking out... he'd used some left over stuffing and probably used the nose hole to stick it in once he'd sewn it all together. another thing that might have helped was I'd built the sides of the nose up so it looked a bit more rounded (I'll re-do the mask with no extra bits on the sides to see if it makes a difference or not, there'd be nothing stopping you from putting some stuffing under bits that needed sticking out a bit more, maybe make a little pouch for it to go in so it's not moving about when you travel with it cause it's likely to get a bit squished if you don't have a box for it to go in.)
To keep it in place when I'm wearing it, I used some of the left over material and made a band going around my head, and one going from the forehead to where the band meets and that works, though I'll probably fill those in when I re-make it as a bit of my hair fell forwards when in the masquerade, and I feel it kind of ruined it a bit, despite having a head band sewn into the hood to keep it up.

what to wear in your hands and feet? I wore some black elbow length woollen type gloves with the fingers cut off, but took them off as it got too hot to wear them when inside.
Feet wise, when walking around outside, at the time just wore some black shoes, had on dark brown socks so if anyone wanted a picture, I'd just kick my shoes off. (though I forgot for one person, feel bad about that. And another person had asked for a picture of me and my two friends, I'd scrambled to get the mask on and hood up, forgetting I still had the top few buttons undone cause it was SO hot, nice shot of cleavage I suppose as I wore a black tank top under it... eep.)
But now as winter approaches, I've snagged some of those cheap fugg boots from primark in a nice dark brown that goes well. and seeing as Korra kind of wears ugg-type boots it'll fit in with that I think~

aahh I think that's it? I unfortunately don't have any progress pictures of it, I'm not sure why in all honesty.
What I wore under it were just some black shorts n tank top. but depending on the time of year (it was end of the summer when I first wore it) I might swap it for some black leggings as the button gaps between them are, well. gappy. haha.

Any questions, feel free to ask! I am kind of half asleep writing this up, so I'll look back another time and think "that makes NO sense." :I


nanahara posted on 18 December, 2012 - 19:44
nice idea, very well done ^^