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London MCM Expo October 2012

none~ (only made the jacket, wouldn't be fair tbh)




I already had some jeans I could wear, light blue skinny jeans - yeah, not exact but this is just a one time kinda cosplay, otherwise I would be OCD get it exactly right, they were around £15 from Matalan if you were interested in that xD
The hat I bought from eBay, with the logo already on, for about £3 including postage, it was from america I think, took about a week to get to me.
The wig was about £12 with free postage.
plain black t-shirt was less than £3 from Amazon, it's a fruit of the loom one so they're pretty good.
Gloves, less than £2, I bought some neon green gloves. they're not the right shade, but once I sew the lighter coloured band on the bottom of it, it might disguise it a little ;D

The jacket. it was about £25, I bought a basic shirt pattern by request of my mum who helped me (she basically did everything, I'm not going to take credit for something someone else did xD) and seriously, do it. The one I bought was £8, and it was 100% worth every penny, cause I didn't realise how weirdly shaped the collar and sleeves were!
I bought my material and stuff from Boyes, if you're not sure what that is, it's a kind of craft shop with... effectively a more expensive version of pound world/shop. not sure how else to explain that. But moving on, the material, I went for a medium size cause the size guide on the back of the pattern packet sounded about right, so I bought 1.75 metres of blue fabric, and half a metre of white fabric, some yellow... I'm not quite sure what. it's about an inch wide and I bought 2 metres of the stuff to line the bottom and 'pockets' (we didn't bother with actual pockets, I might go back and put them in, but right now, fake pockets~)
Though the important bit here is that when it got down to cutting out the pattern, we opted for the small size as the medium seemed too big. so I'd advise getting maybe 2.5 or 3 metres of the yellow border stuff cause we didn't have much left over. The pockets were about 18cm long, and the stuff frayed quite easily, so before my mum sewed it on the shirt, she folded the ends over a bit, sewn that down, and then sewn it onto the shirt. (I might have probably used up about 10cm of the stuff just picking it apart cause it was kinda fun to do... eheheh...)

Oh yeah, shoes. uh. yeah, I'm just going to be wearing some black and white airwalk skater shoes. nothing special. Like i said, it's just a one time cosplay, if I do wear it again, I'll get some plain white shoes and pen colour them.


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