Harley Quinn
Batman Arkham Asylum

Cosplayer: AceofDiamonds

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

27th October 2012: MCM London October 2012 AHK! Froze to death in the 'glorious' English October weather, my phone was broken so I have no photos to my name (though RezinaChii has billions so I shall steal a few of hers), The white face paint was fail and made my face look like a broken china plate, forgot my Warden card, my nurse hat and my satin side leg and arm warmers kept falling down.
Plans for May 2013:
Remember My stuff.
Fix my phone/baby.
Buy purple jersey/stretch fabric and improve my cosplay further.
Think of new ways to paint my face.

Apart from that, MCM London (Saturday) was amazeballs. Met tons of peeps. Hoping to post some pics as soon as I can steal zem.


23rd October 2012: Mega Excited (to the point of combustion). In true MCM Expo hype/spirit, I have accidentally littered the house with vandalized Arkham Warden cards, Nurse hats with smiley faces on them and all manor of arm warmers and fingerless gloves. I'm so excited I think my brain is going to spontaneously combust.