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Play Expo 2012

Best Group at Play Expo 2012


So Jen said she was re-wearing Rachel with Louise as Tao for Play Expo and invited me along as either Litchi or Noel. I dug out Litchi and showed Noel to Bexi who said she'd like to do it with us. However my old Litchi...well it wasn't really looking it's best and I couldn't find one of the boot covers so I decided to make a second version as I had gold bias left over from another project and the black lycra I used for the arms of my first Litchi.

Bought a panda plush off ebay since I have no idea what I did with the one I made. It was supposed to have a red jacket not a blue but apparently they'd run out. Oh well, these things happen.

This time used leaves cut from green foam rather than trying to use real leaves like last time (which just wilted in a matter of hours I don't know what I was thinking). Also made the top longer and the skirt panels longer. The back trail of the skirt is a half circle skirt, or at least it was meant to be but I got myself so confused XD Still I think it looks okay and it's longer than the last one.

The new boot covers have more black because they went over some gorgeous platform wedge Irregular Choice shoes I have. They're red and black with bamboo painted on them so I figured I could wear them if the boot covers turned out to be a disaster. Which they didn't thankfully but they did take me 4 hours all on their own ><

The staff is the same as my old one, as is the wig. I was meant to be borrowing a long black ponytail from Bexi but it never arrived in time so I rescued the old extension as much as I could. The extension is actually attached to a 21 inch clip on ponytail from when I bought two to do Kaye Faraday. So what I did with the other ponytail was to carefully remove it from the clip and attach it to the end of the extension inside the yin yang (which is made from foam and painted for those that want to know) so it was much longer (and heavier ; ;) than last time. I'll be getting a 40 inch ponytail of my own though for the January shoot. And a new base wig as this one is too short.

As for the glasses, last time I was lucky and found a pair in the right style in a local shop that I painted black. I have no idea what I did with them though and I couldn't find a pair for less than £20 on ebay (and even then the rim was thin) so I settled for full rim black glasses. I'm on the hunt for the correct style in time for the shoot but if all else fails I'll just wear full frames again.

I think that's everything...

Cosplaying Litchi was as nerve wracking as I remember OTL It's not that it showed any more skin that some of my lower cut tops, dresses or cosplayers...it's just that it's actually the bra on show and that got some slightly creepy attention. Thankfully the girls, Tom and Zelly were all on hand to keep creepers at bay. Though I think Tom scared a few people when they were taking photos and he'd run up with his camera shouting 'oh baby oh baby' XD

ToroSonyCat posted on 23 October, 2012 - 18:28
Wonderful cosplay :D

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