Lenalee (2nd Uniform) - D.Gray-man


After cosplaying Lenalee in her first uniform, I really wanted to cosplay her in her second uniform which I thought looked a lot cooler (whilst the first uniform had more of a cute look).

This was bought from Ebay ('cos I can't sew XD ) and it arrived on the day I was leaving for London! Perfect timing! XD The costume came with a pair of gloves but they were far too big for me so I wore my own gloves, and instead of thigh boots (which is what I think she wears) I wore over knee socks and black shoes.

I wore this on the Saturday of the London Expo in October with silver-vixi and Kai cosplaying as Daisya Barry and Lavi respectively, so we were a little D.Gray-man group :3 I had so much fun on that day going through London as a group of Excorists (we had a lot of funny moments XD )

I loved this costume and the jacket was quite warm XD But my shoes killed me >< I'm not really used to wearing high heels and I might have gotten the wrong size (though they fit me nicely) but after a few hours, my toes would really ache so I ended up walking barefooted around the Expo and I only put my shoes on for photos and going outside. >.> I had to get silver-vixi to carry me through the Tube stations at the end of the day ^^;

I'll be wearing this costume again for AmeCon 08 for the D.Gray-man group :3 and maybe change the shoes... >.>

[I forgot to get my camera back from silver-vixi when we left London so I have no photos T-T so will update again once I get the photos]

sarmander posted on 6 November, 2007 - 22:14
Eeee, you looks so fantastic! You're right, the Orders' second set of outfits are way cooler than the first, though the first did have added 'cute' appeal in both the male and female varieties. ^__^V You suit this character so well! And it looks like your costume fits you a lot better than mine does, lol! XD (Hence why I adapted it to Lavi rather than keep it as Lenelee. o_0;; ) Can't wait for the next D Gray group! Viva la excorcists~!

Sillabub posted on 10 June, 2008 - 17:29
Looks great! Nicely done! :D

malicemana posted on 6 September, 2008 - 15:05
wow that costume look nice ^^ I can't wait to get my 2nd General Cross uniform, hope I can get my partner to cosplay Grave of Maria with me ^^ I can't wait for the next D Grayman group get together ^^