Link (Twilight Princess) - The Legend of Zelda

Status :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2013



1st Shoot

Zelda Time

Links and Luffy!

Our Link Group

Another Group Picture

Part of the Team

Amazing Zelda Fans :3

Standing Guard


Dark Link and Link

Yay happy photo :)



I first made this costume for a college presentation based on Legend Of Zelda, but after that and Children In Need I really wanted to improve this cosplay and shortly after I was planning on going to Birmingham MCM Expo 2013. So yeah I re-made my Link cosplay for that and for Gamescon in Cologne, Germany.


Silantre posted on 17 November, 2012 - 15:07
Yey for children in need cosplay! And yey for awesome Link cosplay =D

KawaiixFukuro posted on 19 November, 2012 - 19:03
Awww thank you! <3

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Progress Journal

Finished! (Posted 11th March 2013)

My Hylain Shield is slowly drying with matt varnish and the odd bits of acrylic paint! |:D Hopefully I shall get a picture up as soon as my phone comes back to live. Now that I've dedicated my time to making this cosplay and another I can safely say I wanna go to bed XD

Damn I have homework~ screw that for one night.

Oh yeah and I'm cosplaying as Link on Friday (15th March) for Red Nose Day! :3

Nearly Birmingham! :D (Posted 7th March 2013)

Yo Peeps!

It's exactly 9 days till Birmingham MCM 2013 and I still haven't finished D: I'll get there though, I've finished my actual Link costume I just need to paint and glaze the Hylain Shield ^^; God it's going to kill me when coming to draw the Loftwing on the front- I CANT WAIT THOUGH!!! <3 We're also doing a Zelda group which is a collaboration of Dream Distance Cosplay and another cosplay group coming from Blackpool :)

Cant wait to see you guys there ;3

My New Tunic (Posted 22nd February 2013)

Well I started this cosplay again straight from scratch, I must say it's a hell of a lot more better than my first lets just say that :) Also i lost my hat so I've made another and tonight I finally finished Link's bags on his belt.

Plus I'm making my own Hylain shield :3

I'm so excited for Birmingham as I'm going to our own cosplay meeting : Dream Distance Pro.

Might Start Again (Posted 10th November 2012)

Hey Peeps!
I did actually wear this for my presentation ad for halloween :) But I want to start the tunic again :) So yeah it depends XD