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I was in love with Kingdom Hearts since I first played the game so of course I wanted to cosplay from it. I decided to do Zexion because he was one of my favourite members of the Organization (my favourite people in the game and since I had bought the coat for myself anyway…). Then I really just had to by the wig since I had everything else anyway. I did try to make the Organization shoes and I won’t get into why I failed (but I learned a big, obvious lesson about shoe altering) but I ended up using the boots I had at the time, which worked for the costume anyway.
I then made the Lexicon myself following a tutorial I found online. The writing on it didn’t come out completely right but I was still proud of how it turned out.

I wore it for the first time at the London October 2011 MCM Expo and I was amazed by how many compliments and hugs I got because of it. My favourite was a comment on how I was the only Zexion cosplayer to get the hair colour right. I’m not totally sure that’s true but it still made me happy because I searched for a long time to find a wig I thought matched perfectly.
I wore it again at the May 2012 expo (and many times in between and since with my KH group) and will be on the Saturday of the upcoming October Expo. Then I’m going to keep him as an out of expo cosplay, as much love as he gets it’s time I varied a little. I do need to get him some new boots before then though.


Sammymisa posted on 17 October, 2012 - 13:00
I wanna see pics <3

StaceyArkless posted on 20 October, 2012 - 17:45
I'm sure there will be plenty after Expo :)

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