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Time to bring out my (derpy novice) Altaïr, to go with x-Blade-x's (badass) grumpy Malik when she does him, yup yup 8D

Should hopefully be making this some time in the summer, to wear on multiple occasions.

EDIT 09/14: couldn't get Altair done in time for Alcon due to sewing machine herp-derpery, but this gives me more time to work on him now and get him done to a standard I'm happy with. No more half-broken/left behind props!

BladeyCakes posted on 15 October, 2012 - 19:31
Novices gonna Novice. Malik won't be dealing with yo' silly-as-behaviour, Altair ]8< TAKE LIFE SERIOUSLY YOU NOOB OMFG STOP RUNNING INTO PEOPLE YOU'RE RUINING EVERYTHING THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS- /shot This is gonna be amazeballs! <3 Thanks for joining me in this, Novice-bro <3

Pratatooie posted on 21 November, 2012 - 16:03
I bet you're gonna look awesome! Good luck with this!

yuubalu posted on 22 November, 2012 - 09:39
Thanks! :D I have no idea when I'm going to do this, but I've already started planning it out, so hopefully everything will come together okay! >.<

BladeyCakes posted on 25 November, 2012 - 21:23
Possibly Alcon, yus? ;3; <3 No worries if not, but I just reckoned it'd be fun for then 8'D

yuubalu posted on 25 November, 2012 - 21:40
Maybe 8D Would definitely like to do it sometime next year, so it's definitely a possibility. We'll have to work it out properly this week :D (There's a small part of me that keeps getting swayed to coming for the entirety of Alcon again xD Depends on what else is happening around then with other cons/whatever I'm doing at that point in my life without uni D;)

HorrorFanatic85 posted on 14 July, 2014 - 16:23
DAMN the pieces you have put together so far look pretty sick, altair was my fave so good job requiring some of those pieces so far

BladeyCakes posted on 6 August, 2014 - 00:33
Awwww YE dis mah novice, my novice is amazing. Look at dis Look at it Urgh. Such spiffy progress! I love the bracer, and the dagger + holster look awesome >:C <3 ...also I can laugh at you trying to get the dagger out. Mwahahah best /touches your face

BlueberryTale posted on 11 November, 2014 - 12:51
Your progress so far is awesome! This will be amazing when it's finished!

Hidden blade
Short sword
Throwing knives
Leather belt
Sword holster + belt
Chest holster (for short sword)
Boot covers
Acrylic board (for weapons)
Air-drying clay

Total cost: £0.00

6th August 2014

Right bracer

All done now, again apart from the buckles. Next on my agenda is boot covers!

5th August 2014

Left bracer

Finally ordered some rivets and buckles (the latter of which have yet to arrive) so I churned out some more progress on Altair. This is the bracer which has the hidden blade (which I realise I have yet to make!). I got anal with the rivets and put them in even where you can't see them, but it'll be sturdier this way and I won't be so concerned about any of the straps coming off. Just need buckles so I can trim the straps, and we're all done with this one!

4th August 2014

Short sword

So this is the weapon I used the most when I played AC, and (kind of expectedly) it's my favourite of the props I've made for Altair so far. I was really concerned about the holster because the handle of the short sword faces downwards, and my sword is rather pommel-heavy. But, with the magic of worbla, craft foam and extra pleather 'straps', I'm 99% confident that this sword will be going absolutely nowhere. Perhaps not even for photos (at least, not without a struggle. I may have made the sheath a little tight xD)

8th April 2014

Arm plates 100%

All I need to get to finish both bracers are some studs and buckles, which I'll hopefully get sorted soon. Hooray for early progress!

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