Wig commissions (Part 3) - Multiple sources





All commissions and details for ordering can be found at my website: http://sephwigs.googlepages.com
Please email at: sephnoir@googlemail.com or PM me if you'd like a quote on any commission or would like to purchase wig dye.

Trowa Barton - Gundam Wing.
Commissioned for UK based cosplayer. Work included styling the front into the large fringe and shaving away the rest to an even layer. Electric clippers made this job so much easier!
This commission cost:$64

Emeraude - Magic Knight Rayearth OVA.
A great 51 inch wig for myself first worn at London Expo Oct 2008. Work included braiding the straight wig into 4 large plaits, after two hot water treatments over a period of 3 days the wig was amazingly wavy and perfect for the character. When I have time, I'll also be adding another whole wigfull of wefts to it for a more accurate size, though for now it's definitely big enough!
This commission cost:$84

Sailor Cosmos - Sailor Moon.
Commissioned for UK based cosplayer. Work included cutting and curling the fringe, parting the back of the hair for the bunches and adding in extra wefts to cover the parting on either side. The Odangos were created by shaping two polystyrene balls on either side. They were glued on each of the bunches, then covered in the hair from the bunches. Hair was then shaped and cut into the buns leaving the bottom half for the streamers. A small amount of hair was used to cover the base so the join didn't show as much. Extra wefts were then added on top to hide the central elastic line fully.
This commission cost:$94

Machi Tobaye - Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.
Commissioned for a UK based cosplayer. Work included the zigzag parting, cutting the bob into shape and the twirl on the top. Due to the size of the twirl I opted for a separate attachment using wefts which were then dyed with an ink/paint/pva mix to get as close to the original colour as possible. Once it was dry the twirl was then glued onto the wig itself. Sadly the wig was too short for the person it had been ordered for and did not want anything done so it was returned and refunded. Currently for sale.
This commission cost:$61


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