Legolas (Legolas (Ranger)) - Lord of The Rings

Worn AtLondon MCM Expo October 2012




My Legolas costume is based on the book more than the film as the wig received is brown rather than blond. I am really excited to cos-play Legolas as he is one of my favourite characters in the story.
I will be cos-playing Legolas both sat and sun for the London MCM expo Oct 2012.


carsec posted on 24 July, 2013 - 11:08
very nice tolkien group! great pictures

flamewizo posted on 24 July, 2013 - 12:06
Thank you :D

rosieroo posted on 28 October, 2013 - 18:33
it was great to finally meet you

flamewizo posted on 30 November, 2013 - 20:27
Ha ha :D it was finally lol :D

Progress Journal

Daggers (Posted 16th October 2012)

Elven Daggers are ordered most of the costume is together now :)yey looking to get a bow and arrows too. But most importantly a quiver.