Tomoe (Main outfit) - Kamisama Hajimemashita



I've only recently got into this series.. but this cosplay is happening!! <3

KuKu posted on 14 October, 2012 - 11:11
Best chara ever. <3 I'd love to do a Mizuki or Nanami cosplay if you ever think of maybe doing a group!~ :33

Foxface posted on 18 October, 2012 - 18:43
Ooh, you should~! At the moment it's just me doing this, since hardly anyone seems to know this series.. >.< I think I'm gonna do it for both May and October MCM Expos, do you go to those?

KuKu posted on 21 October, 2012 - 19:08
I'll be at both of those next year hopefully!! :) I think I'd go more for Mizuki xD I like the relationship between Tomoe and Mizuki xDD

Foxface posted on 1 December, 2012 - 13:54
Ooh yay, well we must next year at some point!! :3 We could have fun not getting along with each other~.. xD (Sorry for the epicly late reply btw.. Blame my laptop for dieing on me D:)

WhiteWraith posted on 11 December, 2012 - 14:43
Ah I would love to see you this, great series :) I'm planning to do Ryou (the dragon king) at some point :)

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