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20th November 2012


Today I started my top for Gasai Yuno's school uniform outfit. The colour may not be exactly accurate but i think it will work well. one sleeve has been put on the other has been cut out but just needs to be sown on another time when i have more time to do it. (i only get to make cosplays at my grandparents twice a week.) I used an old white school shirt for the base of the shirt it was a 3/4 sleeve but they were cut down to make it short sleeves. I took apart the whole shirt to make it easier to sew the lilac material to it then sew it back together. The collar was taken off first as Yuno's shirt has a traditional japanese school collar and not an normal one. I hope to do more on the top on Sunday and I need to get the right collar material for the skirt before I can start it.