Left 4 Dead 2

Cosplayer: BakaBakaRangers

Variant: RETIRED

Status: Complete

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Gemucon 2013

14th March 2013: Shirt? Shirt. Shirt is in slow progress. With ittoki to make, too, Ittoki will have higher standing in the way of which will be more important to make.
But, shirt wise, I have the collar and sleeves painted. So the brown parts will work, hopefully even after I painted it.
But, the plan is to sketch the design in pencil and then paint over it, then do the ironing on, then wash it and dry it. So then I'll do the lemon juice bleaching, so it'll look more faded. Then I'll be throwing fake blood all over it.
Also, this weekend, I'll hopefully be doing a make up test with my girlfriend :)

17th November 2012: .:Hat:. The hat is DOOOOONE.
Now to plan the shirt!
But the hat was simple enough to do. Just bought a plain baseball cap (that was a size too large for comfort around a wig LOL) and painted the front blue and then painted the logo on.

22nd October 2012: Overalls Turns out my old Keisuke overalls fit (which explains why I want to wear Keisuke again when I make a new shirt for him).
So this is pretty much in full progress now for Gemucon. Maybe will even wear it to Midlands next year. Maybe even to AMFE (or whatever it is), but I'll have a crappy wig on if I do, seeing as I'm waiting for next year to buy the wig. But, if the brown wig I have works, then may just not buy a new wig.
Micky is still doing my man make up, so wahey. XD
But the overalls work. They're not the most comfortable things, seeing as I may just have to wear some form of shorts under them (if you look closely at his model, it looks like you can see his boxer shorts, anyway, so may just wear boxers and leggings under them), but I can deal with them. I wish they were darker, too, which is annoying, but I have looked in a lot of shops around and they're all the same shade of blue.
If I ever find better ones, then wahey, I'll buy them. But these ones work, too.

14th October 2012: Planned Props? The best thing about this is that I can just choose random props and it works really well.
Gun wise, I'll most likely be looking into shotguns, even though Ellis seems to favor the grenade launcher. He also has a few hints at prefering the katana, but I'd like to look into doing different propers for different cons. Since this is planned for Gemucon (or Midlands) I'll probably be making a simpler prop, like stealing my sisters baseball bat and painting a kids gun toy or something.

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 10th October 2012
APPROVE!!! all dat zombie shootin'!